Sunday, 31 January 2010

Best Best Best Beer !

Hahaha ! I've discovered one of the best best best beer in the world !!!!!!!

It's called the Hoegaarden Witbier !


Definitely fantastic ! Belgian made white beer ! Full bodied and not too strong !! (4.7% Wheat Beer)

Studying Anatomy with nice beer !!!! WoHoo !! Can't imagine how life would be like when I'm pursuing my PhD ! LOL !

And's it's farking cheap ... (basically beers are farking cheap in Singapore) .. after converting to RM .. it's cheaper than a Carlsberg in Malaysia dude !!

p/s : I'm not emo until i go and drink la... basically it was so damn hot when i go supermarket yesterday afternoon and i am feeling stress about uni life so just grab one and try LOL !

next try : Brewerkz ! But I'll reserve this for some special occasion :)

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