Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Time to farking slim down my big "beer belly"

asshole sia... my stomach is getting bigger and bigger ! Fcuk sia... how come it's still like that although I'm only eating 2 meals and I either jog/dance everyday !

Shit lar... need to do something more intensive ! HNG ! Perhaps it's really time to swim everyday ? For my wish that I can join 3 IHG sports next semester ? *dreaming*

LOL .. but seriously .. it's really a farking waste to give up swimming training for IHG ! Damn !! Should have train intensively ! But judging from my nice big belly I brought back from Melbourne and Malaysia I guess it's better to work out some cardiac exercise before dipping myself back into the pool again .. siended..

Anyway ... seeing all the hall dudes running for Standard Chartered Marathon kinda inspired me ! 42km ? See how lar... see how...