Monday, 25 January 2010

Burning my timetable !!

Shit man... it seems like uni life's going to suck me up so dry !!

Let's just pray that thursday is a better day...

and let's hope that the weekly rehearsal ( Infusion or Singapore Chingay ) will end as soon as possible... cos seriously i've not been enjoying a continuous 2 days break for about 1 long month already... it's seriously draining my life...

and all the life sciences labs and lecture notes... are seriously draining my time whenever i come back my room and sits down to study !

last night was nice... haven't been studying untill i fall asleep for a long time already ... :)

let's hope tonight's a good night sleep with more to come in the evening : 8-10 Chingay Practise , 12-unknown Block Committee meeting ...

See how lar.... let's just hope tomorrow is a brighter day :D

Gambate !