Sunday, 13 January 2013

First week of work

A steep learning curve. I would say. Am more focused on cloning genes and transfection into plants. Suddenly I found myself in the realm of mass genome analysis, NSPs detection, microsatellites driven genotyping and finally, genetic breeding. Wow.. pretty crazy. I was so stressed yet driven at the same time. SO much so that I actually finished a whole textbook in this week! A feat I've never achieved in my university life. Well, at least within a week, I'm ready to rock and roll. Hopefully the post-doctorates (yeah my colleagues are all PhD. holders) are kind enough to teach me some bioinformatics skills. All I know is just BLAST, primer design, secondary structure prediction and tertiary structure prediction. Lame me. The coming weeks will be tough. The probiotics with anti-microbial activity scanning is super laborious. Not to mention the RNA extraction from both mock and infected fishes are quite cruel (as in i need to kill the damn fish and dig out their guts and livers and worst of all that tiny red dot called kidney). Well.. I keep telling myself that sacrifice a few for the salvation of many and the advancement of science is worth the while. OK shall push this onwards. No guilt.

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