Sunday, 27 January 2013

Grow up, kid.

Grow up, boy. TO be honest I'm happy to see your blatant remarks and postings on Facebook yet having no effect on my mood. It shows how high have I matured, and how low have you fallen by your ill-conjunctivitis that is slowly blinding you and consuming your wisdom.

 I sincerely urge all to be wise and matured when posting remarks on social media. You don't know what effect it may have on you on the long term, how many allies will you lose, how many opportunity will you miss out and how many friends will leave you. True power lies in you understanding the "cause and effect" of each posts on social media. Well sure you can tell yourself (and the whole world) that this is purely a view of your own. Well, don't forget that your friends and those around you judge you by your views, kid.

So, GROW UP, BOY. Grow some wisdom. Grow some intelligence. Grow some self-discipline. Don't make me laugh at you from this Southern Tiny Little Red Dot.

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