Saturday, 3 May 2008

Finally .. The essay is finished !!!

Nanotechnology huh ? Mahai ... such a good topic ...

Anyway .. Pray to god that Mr.K won't give a shit about my penmanship ... i write terrible writings , duh !

Tommolo breakfast will be potato wedges, just bought a frozen packet from Giant XD

Anyway , i would like to warn everyone to check your rice container now !

Do you know that in Sungai Petani , where there's 3 big gigantic hyperstore , we are having rice shortage !!!!

Ya ... so damn diu , Giant is almost empty now ! Only 30 packs of 10 kg rice left !

Econsave got about 25 packs ... i believe they shud be empty by the time i write this blog ..

God Bless Us .. My dad and I so scare no rice eat so we bought 20 kg of rice - enough for more than 3 months d :)

I'm a big rice maniac , duh ~~

Anyway , i wanna clap clap to crowking for his 100th post too !


crowking ar... i wanna post you Kaede Matsuhima or Riko Tachibana's picture de , but doing so will make me got banned from ads ... LOL ~

So i guess it's better not to treat your pervertness for my pocketness's sake :P


Paradize said...

babi ar, now only i found that u clapped for my 100th post too!! thanks! hoho...
anyways, neither kaede or riko is my favourite la, i'm trying to get rid of their impression in my mind...
btw, good luck in ur exam, buy more linken sphere so that the subjects wont stun u, buy refresher orb to keeps ur ulti usable all the time, buy heart of tarrasque to make ur life longer!

Bye bye~

Gila Babi said...

@paradize :

Buy black king bar too so Mr.K cannot stun me ! XD

Anyway , thanks very much for your encouragement :) , you too must work hard !