Friday, 9 May 2008

MUET blues..

Sigh .. Tomorrow I'll be facing my MUET exam again .. Dang it !

I must achieve a good result this time... Or else I'll be a real joke in everyone's mouth !

"See that cocky fellow ? Got Band 5 so LanSi go take again wanna get Band 6 wor ... "

"Ya la.. So damn LanSi ... Like to show off meh ... as if Band 5 is a very lousy grade..."

I can predict things pretty well.. but trust me .. from my experience i know i must resit for the exam ... because i don't want to have any feeling of regrets in future ..

At least 5 or 10 years from now I would have said I've tried my best and I'm not a coward although I cannot achieve a Band 6 ...

To me ... the advantage to resit MUET outweighs the bad ones... wish me luck @.@

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