Friday, 31 October 2008

Malaysian Economy ..... Gambateh !

Malaysia's economy this few weeks have been sluggish and in-consistent... With the market rebounded 24 points yesterday , i certainly hoped things will improve.. particularly in the electronics sector, which will directly affect my family's household income...

I googled Panasonic's outlook recently and it seems like in Japan, things are not so optimistic...Damn it..

Mom told me their company's sales for electronic motors used in cars dropped 30% .. WTF ~

Worse thing is their production is limited due to the low demand... OH bloody shit... Hopefully things will improve..

And to my friends, I would suggest now that all of you stock up all your money in fixed deposit account with a mature period of 3 months .. doing so will help you improve your financial position as well as giving your cash some liquidity ..

And when you have time , go open up an account with PTPTN .. a bank account i mean .. cause taking study loan from PTPTN requires such an account.

Also , all the best to my friends taking STPM as well as me... GAMBATEH !!

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