Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Today so lame...

So damn "sui" today ...

Morning feel like don't want to kill animal .. Wanna eat vege .. walk to the shop .. sien nia .. Orang Raya tapi orang tak mahu jadi kaya .. Dun wanna open shop .. ZZZzzz...

Suak lor.. i wished not to kill animal but no choice lor.. hehe ... ( just a lame excuse to eat meat)

Then .. Afternoon .. feel like eating Tau Hu Hua ..

Cycled to the aunty's lorry there ..

Aunty says :" Ah Boy ar....完了咯 !! "


My bean curd .... It's one of the few object which can help me recall my Snow White's skin texture .. HNG !!! So tulan ~~

At night .. Missing darling very very very much .. persuaded mom to take me to in-law's place for dinner ..

Drive drive drive ... sob sob ... today public holiday off.... sob sob sob ..

Go eat steam "tuo pan" ... Sigh ... if you compare the texture of "tuo pan" and Tau Hu Hua... kanasai .. like old lady and young lady nia...

Whatever it is... here i am sipping green tea... while waiting for my dear to online .. :)

I'm still happy that i managed to studied quite a lot today .. :) .

As for all the good food i missed today ... "I'll be back ... !!"

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