Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Selective extension of LRT lines

Selective extension of LRT lines

Malaysia fail.

Taxed the "rakyat" so much, with so much natural resources in the country, the public transport system couldn't even match a tiny flat resourceless island down south, or should I said "the tiny island or the 17th state that was deserted by it's federal government many years ago".

Those useless dudes in Kuala Lumpur that are governing my parents' tax money, think with your brain in your ass where did the money go ! Is it to the trip that supported your whole family's holiday to London ? Or is it used to build you new bungalow on some nice mountain in KL ?

Seriously... poor performing government leading a destined to doomed nation. I'm predicting it's doom-day in 50 years. Hope I can get all my family members out of that piece of land by then.

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