Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tumor necrosis factor-alpha

Went to Prof Swami's lab with just 4 hours of sleep. Hear him blah blah blah for 20 minutes explaining to me what is my project. Of all.. I only remember TNFa, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha, an anti-tumoral protein. Looks "chim" at first... kinda scared when he tells me everything about the project and the protein.

But things changed when he showed me 7 copies of DNA analysis of cancer patient, of which 6 are children.

Immediately I stopped him and asked "Children ?" He replied solemnly, "Yes, children."

I was stunned... and there's immediately a fire burning in my heart telling me "YES YOU CAN AND YOU MUST DO IT !!!"


p/s : It feels great to be given the chance to save children's lives even though the ambition of being a paediatric fails.

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