Friday, 26 March 2010

Of Good Beer and Great Friends !!

This was a terrible week ... bad things happened and terrible studying schedules that are slowly turning me into a mad little monster.

Too bad... God can't bring me down to my knees !! Not only that the exam went smoothly except fot stating the wrong hormone for juxtaglomerular complex and wrong location of it, other things went well for the chilly exam in that bastard exam hall that made me failed my QET and made me ended taking ES1301 ! Fuck MPSH 1 !!

Anyway ... thank god that he left some mercy in Singapore for me... with a handful of awesome friends from Ibrahim... friends for life !!

Me, PBling, Illidan and Ping Pong went to Clarke Quay for good nice beer and some awesome Japanese Curry too :)

Brewerkz, is a bar that brews her own beer. So far there are 12 varities on the menu. Ah Ling has the Dunkelweizen, I had the Hopback Ale, Pong sipped a few Fiery Dragon while ZQ had his noobish but extremely nice Golden Ale of Brewerkz, its best seller !

On overall, well, price is slightly above normal but its worth it I suppose... the pizza was heavenly nice !! Never thought that such good pizza can be found in Asia ! :)

If we go on happy hours I suppose that we can drink up 4 pint of more ?! LOL

Cheah Zhi Quan I am fucking waiting for you to order your epic 4 towers of beer !!

1 tower = 4 litres
4 tower = 16 freaking litres !! I'll be dead in the Singapore river by then LOL !!

Here are some snippets of it :


Ah Tiong ZQ trying to act cool wearing Zebra stripes...


Another Ah Tiong Beng trying to act noobish but failed....




Variety of beer and their medals won at the Australian International Beer World Cup !!



Epic beer... clockwise from top : Dunkelweizen, Fiery Dragon, Hopback Ale, Golden Pale Ale.


Got ppl stoning after trying to answer ZQ's noobish econs and rationality research question.

ZQ, remember to state in your paper that these monsters are under the command of great beer and great company !!


Love Friends, Love Beer, Love SINGAPORE !!!

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