Saturday, 16 October 2010

Food for serious adult.

Lately my taste bud grew matured and even good burgers from Carl's Junior are heavily criticized by me. So instead of being a 'talk only no action' bastard that is common in the street, knowing that I'm a gifted cook I'm gonna make my own burger !

Yup. Heavy investment though ! Average SGD 6.00 for a burger served with lettuce and 2 slices of American Aged Cheddar !

Here it goes, my first burger patty ! NOT GRILLED YET SO DUN KAOPEH/COMPLAIN !

Bukkake Burger

Since all famous burgers are named after some nice name just as "The Botak", "Juicy Lucy" or "King's Brew Burger".

I shall name mine "Bukkake Burger" =) Signature name HAHA !

p/s : I shall grill them tonight and let you dudes and chicks know how good it taste !

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