Saturday, 16 October 2010


OMG you definitely can't believe it !

As a burger aficionado and I'm not in a state of hunger, the Bukkake Burger taste awesome !

Yeah I know it looked like shit now because I seriously lacked the equipment to do things properly ! I dun even have a proper chopping board or a good thong to take my materials !

But the melting cheese... the caramelized onion... and my own speciality barbeque sauce.. and OF COURSE ! The 1 inch thick meat patty there that only a maestro like ME can cook !

(it's not easy to cook an one inch thick meat patty. trust me)

Juice popping out everywhere in this burger. It is the best I've tasted so far.

Alright, shall take some free time in future to tune this recipe to perfection. Troubles to take note:

  • meat patty charred too fast ! I suppose its too much sugar in it.
  • caramelized onions still lack the KICK ! maybe need better prep on the onion chopping since i dun have a bloody chopping board !
  • burger bun seems too dry. need to change supplier hmm...
  • a bit unhealthy .. lol.. cause it's too thick and i can't chuck in any salads ! maybe i should try at least a slice of tomato.

I think if i launch this burger at premium burger price, SGD 10, I'm still gonna go into deficit cause the whole burger's material alone cost me 6 dollars !!!!

Nvm.. i'm sure i'll work things out on this. Cheers, world ! Long live the Bukkake Burger !


zq said...

lol, i want oso. but prefer chicken lo

BeerCrusader said...

6 dollars each .. haha

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

You roast the burger in the oven?
try raw onion instead. AND spam all the spices u can find in ur kitchen :)

BeerCrusader said...

nope.. the burgers are pan-fried :)

shall try lean beef with bacon soon.

I dont really enjoy raw onions lol.. sauteed onions taste softer and better