Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lao Pa Sat !

Wohoo... went to this place called Lao Pa Sat neat Tanjong Pagar. Pretty unique place.. been around for more than 100 years already. Many of Singapore's best food chain originates from here ! e.g. Yakun, Old Chang Kee.. etc etc.

The food is nice but never as good as Gurney Drive ! Yeah ~! Penang food shall remain the best in the world I would say ... fark you all Singaporean bloody imitate so many kinds of food but still fail.

What it offers that Gurney Drive don't... is the ambience.. there's a band singing in the middle and there's bloody lot's of tourist ! Japanese Koreans Caucasians whatever shit you can think of. BEST OF ALL ? Tiger beer served on draft at only $5 per pint ! WTF bloody cheap ! It's a great place for weekend soccer fever too as it operates 24 hours :)

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