Monday, 13 February 2012

Cycling Culture in the National University of Singapore

The bicycles in NUS are rare. Reason is fairly simple. It could have been the most hilly university in the world ! The Kent Ridge Campus is built on literally Kent Ridge, which is a series of higher elevations around Clementi/Dover/Pasir Panjang area.

Recently the university admin decided to build a cycling track around the University Town, a multi-million(or billion) campus extensions. Well honestlt I like that, despite the hilly slopes its a great avenue to train some thigh sexiness. However, something stupid has also been implemented by them. Once you reach the main campus through the flyover, they blocked the bicycle pathway ! Come on how silly is that ?! I don't have the photo today but definitely I'll post that one day.

Meanwhile, here are picture(s) of cool bicycle found in the Kent Ridge Campus of National University of Singapore(NUS) :

A cyclo-cross FELT bicycle in Singapore ! How cool is that ?!

The two babes that I ride. Awesome, isn't they ?

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