Monday, 20 February 2012

Goodbye my iPhone..

Sigh finally after 350 days.. It's time to let this iPhone go home. Not that it's 100 faulty even after my intense usage of it, I just want to take good advantage of my 1 year free warranty policy.

The only problem I face with this iPhone is the low response from the home button. The rest works fine, especially the battery !

This iPhone has gone through 2 exams with me, helped me conquered RAG as the Chairperson easily. I fought with Hallmasters, Hall Presidents, JCRCs and even NUSSU's pint-sized President, all using my iPhone. Thanks a lot iPhone, it's been a great journey with you. Your replacement set will come to me roughly in 2 hours time when I reach VivoCity's Starhub. Sad to say but our time of parting is here.

Goodbye and may you get refurbished in Foxconn and serve another master faithfully.

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