Thursday, 23 February 2012

Teban Gardens Hao Chu Seafood Restaurant

I've blogged quite a few times about fish noodle soups in Singapore. It's really something so refreshing and aromatic that I cannot find in North Malaysia !

Today's main focus is the Fish Noodle Soup from Hao Chu Seafood Restaurant located in Teban Gardens Road. For $4.50 this is what I get :

I have to admit. $4.50 for this kind of wholesome delicious meal is seriously a marvelous deal ! The amount of fish given is very generous and remember we are talking about seabass/siakap here, not your cheapo dory fish fillet ! Yes, solid chunky juicy siakap fillet. If you like some good flavor from some alcohol, XO Fish Noodle Soups are available for $6.00. For me, another $1.50 doesn't really boost up the flavor. I'd rather spend that on my kopi instead.

Be sure to try out their food when you are in Jurong East/West Coast Area !

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