Friday, 3 February 2012

So am I a rebellious person ?

Was reading an article from Cult of Mac, saying that the iPhone and the iPad is the tool used by those who brings out "the man" in you. Those who will go against the authority and those who will bow to no one. Well, I'm not sure whether I'm those kind of person hah !

But the article do make a simple joke about those who are clad in suits, used Blackberry and Windows laptop. Well perhaps what's holding me off is the Windows laptop!

Well Apple, if you build me a MacBook Pro with Retina Display seriously I would switch to Mac ! Just fire the shot babe !

p/s : I ran out of ideas on what to rant about so here you go : My favourite clear fish soup from Teban Garden Market :)

I must say the soup is super nice. Uncle said he cooked the soup overnight with fish bones and "mang kuang" haha ! Awesome stuff.

The "kopi ping" is from the uncle next store. Funny Ah Pek. He dyed his hair like a blonde star and is always whistling when he is brewing his stuff !! I bet the thing that made his coffee extra smooth is his tunes ! Best of all, he called me "handsome" instead of "小弟" used by other uncles and aunties in hawker centre !!! And it only cost me $0.90 :) best iced coffee deal !

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