Saturday, 26 May 2007

Hey You F***king B****** !!!

Here's another speech to one of my friend... Who had hurt many other friends of mine.. !!

1st.. Fuck you !! Who the fuck you think you are ?? God ?? Agong ?! King ?! .. You are only a piece of human meat with a f***king cock hanging on your groin !! YOU had no right to blame people for being unable to invite others to watch a movie with you !

2nd.. She's not your slave !! I don't care how the fucking shit of how rich you are nor how smart you are !! And if you think that you are smart ! then how can't you scored straight As in SPM ?! See that ?? You are just a simple low class piece of shit !! You don't have the right to order and scold anyone like that !!

3rd.. For heaven's sake !! Change your fucking damn cibai puki lanciao putoh attitude !! Your are totally the opposite of a gentleman !! A complete failure in family education !! Whom had zero social skills.. Zero EQ ..

4th.. Woman are human too !! Treat them like human !! Don't treat them like a piece of brainless human meat with a highly sensitive and retractable hole between their legs to pleased your fucking cock !! Respect them !! Speak to them kind and with care !! They are extremely sensitive on speech... Even simple provoking speech will pierced through their heart like a spear.. Which hurts, and unpleasent too !!

So... The next time you ever opened your mouth trying to speak to a girl !!! Think properly.. Before your disgusting mouth vomitted a single word !!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

who's tat fXXxing guy??
i hate dis kind of ppl 2..
ask him go die..

i love ur but not clicking ur ads..haha


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... looks like a foul word blog..:p

Anonymous said...


Though I agree that he's not right to do that,we shouldnt "comment' him like this also XD

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...