Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Friend Status - 30 Mei 2007

This is a weekly report of what our friends in secondary school are doing .. I'll compile anything i know in every Wednesday ..

Yoon Seng :
This guy is now sleeping in Penang matrics college's hostel with 3 other Malay fellow.. The first night he's there, the only things he did is sms Zhi Quan .. LOL !

Song Lin :
This guy has been sleeping in class ... I sms him when I'm in school.. He says he's sleeping in class now... Guess those business stuff are easy peasy for this genius...

Zhi Quan :
This fella is taking 5 subjects in STPM.. currently studying hard like a bull to keep up with the syllabus... To tackle the cocurricullum requirement... he's joining the choir again ! Wakaka ~

Samuel :
This dude is studying in form 6 for the moment while waiting to enrolled into INTEC .. LOL ~ Can't believe he follwed me and Zhi Quan to enter Physic class although he is suppose to study biotechnology ...

Mingshi :
This fella is currently studying in MMU .. But currently on holiday..Dunno so far this " hiao ka " courted any girls liao or not... LOL ~~ Jus kidding... :)

Aik Jin :
Aik Jin is now at home... waiting to enter UCSI to start his scholarship year...

Yi Qing :
Now in matrics Perak ... Hope she didn't get the cultural shock .. LOL ~

Pong :
In Matrics Perak too... her sis said she can still survive there for about 2 months... LOL ~

Yin Hui :
Our future architect is also waiting for her JPA studies to begin...

Miao Pin :
LOL ~ Now in form 6... Also studying hard like a bull ~

Sin Yong :
Not really sure what's happening to him... Ppl said he's in UTAR .. Palani said he's going to TESL ... swt .. Yong Yong ~ Where are you ??!

Grace :
She said she's been rotting at home since holiday started ~ But she's preparing to Disted College by June ...

Man Shin :
Currently in UTAR ~ Zhi Quan said that she falls in love with him ~

Yee Huan :
In Matrics Perak .. Feels like coming back to form 6 but can't ... Anyway... goodluck to her studies...

Yap :
In form 6 ... same class as me ... Physic student.. Still undecided of where to study..

Wen Feng :
Our SP Spielberg is now in The One Academy ...

Ke Tee :
In form 6 .. Biology Class...

Yan Chuan :
Form 6 too... Biology class ... but feels like changing to Physic ..

Fei Fan :
Our piano maestro is back from Manhattan for a break .. Fei Fan, Enjoy your break ~

Sin Hui :
Now in form 6 biology class... still as talkative as she was... :p ... but very hardworking liao... :)

Ai Vern :
Also in Form 6 ... studying like a bull too ... Maths very geng liao... haha

Jiing Juinn :
Dude... I hope i spelled your name correctly... Even i've been in the same school with you for the past 11 years ... >< ... This fella is doing A-levels in Singapore... An ASEAN scholar in Anglo-Chinese Junior College ... Living on a tight budget of S$ 200 a month... LOL ~

My beloved Sze Chee : Now in Disted College ... Doing her internal exam... Honey oi... Gambate !!


Anonymous said...

oni one word can summarise all this...

Anonymous said...

2 words can summarise all these...

Wuliao~~ XD XD

Anonymous said... so happy now...
coz can online in computer lab here...{shh...don't tell anyone...}
erm...the life here is quite ok...enjoying, no cultural shock lar...hehe...
take care there yea!

Anonymous said...

hey u..
ur pong or queenie>?
how's there>?
y enjoying>?

Kenta said...

I believe she's Yi Qing... Cause i said she got cultural shock ma... haha

Anonymous said...

i stil wish 2 use anonymous even though i hv few google identities 2..again i'm ziyi blog super fans..hurray..but dis fXXking bastard write my name worngly again..hello my name is joint u !!!

Mad Dog said...

HaHa ~~ Mistake Mistake ~~!