Monday, 27 August 2007

Why Mad Pig loves Malaysian Chinese Wedding so much ?

Why i love Chinese wedding so much ?

1. I get to get Ang Pau ( occasionally ) !!

Yes .. !! Money !! Wohoo !!
But the best part is the suspense of rubbing your damn fingers all over the angpau cover.. Let your mind spindle off.. Think of how much is put inside the damn little angpau .. XD

2. There's a 10-course-scrumptious meal !!
Yeah .. Pig loves to eat ..
Especially Chinese food..
And keep myself bloated all night while laughing at the bridegroom for serving me this expensive meal while my parent only give them a RM 2 angpau .. XD

3. Lot's of weird fashion displays !!
Yeah.. You get lot's of young girls.. Who don't realize that their body size just don't fit their clothes.. Yet .. They keep on wearing until their waist fat comes out .. XD

4. Shouting stage performers !
Yup .. Typical Chinese wedding characteristic !
Lot's of girls... Young .. Old.. Middle-aged..
All wearing bimboo dressing and dance as if they were Madonna !

5. You get to hear tonnes of gossip about the couples !
"You know ar ? That girl is the bridegroom's 76764437th girl friend !!"
"Oh my god ?! Really ? "
"Yeah !! That boy is really some big sausage !!"
" Ya Ya Ya !!"
"And you know ar ?! The bride is already pregnant lo !! "
" Holy Sh*t ! "
Huh ?! Why there's AngMo in Malaysian Chinese wedding ?!
Mad Pig says :" Sampat ar !? This is called globalism .. "

Mad Pig loves Chinese Wedding !!


Anonymous said...

"while my parent only give them a RM 2 angpau .. "

omg =.="" ur parent really kiam lor..

and btw,what's "big sausage"?New phrase??

Gila Babi said...

No la .. We all know de..

It's " 大条!! " ..