Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Starbucks : America's Biggest Drug Dealer (PART 1)

Starbucks !! Starbucks !! Starbucks !!

I still recalled how i get into a Starbucks shop back in 2002. Dad and I was on a trip to KL , to celebrate my grandfather's sister's son's wedding ( er... Any English title for such a relative ? ). Then , after we arrived in KL , both of us hop on one of the LRT and ride to KLCC . We stroll around in Suria and we passed through one corner ...

Daddy , who only drinks Nescafe , smells the damn good aroma of Starbucks coffee ! And he tells me : " Boy ah ! Where does the nice coffee smell come from ah ?! Papa never smell such a nice coffee before lih ! " I look at him , and point towards the all white crowned lady :


And so ... I've become a regular of America's largest drug dealer.


*Coming up next*
  • PlayBoy has released a porn movie with Starbucks theme!

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