Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hari KoKo SMK Ibrahim 2007 ( Part 1 )

Alright , at last I'm blogging them now..

Generally, SMK Ibrahim's Hari KoKo is boring !

Yes, I mean it ... damn fuckingly pathetically boring

First is cause of the rain ..

Second is cause I'm bored of those activities..

Third is I'm bored !! You get it ? Damn fuckingly pathetically boring !!!

Good.. Enough complain ..

The school has been busy enough before Hari KoKo begins..

The ghost houses were like a piece of junk .. with some creativity of course..

Mr Fletcher were shouting and chasing people without proper dress codes..

Others were busy arranging their stalls..


First to come out is the "big sausages" , the Pancaragam team ..


And the other smaller sausages...



Crab walking style sausages..


Then comes the Gigantic Sausages , Kadet Polis ..


And Yap , a former Gigantic sausage is busy taking pics !!
I think he's titanic sausage now..


Then , we have the King of Sausages with his VIP ..


After this , karate chopping sausages..


Then , silat-kicking sausages..


Then ? Sad to tell you .. there were still some aerobic dancing sausages but i didn't take their pics..

Ok , then let's have a look at some sausages who are busy making money ..

First, sausages who's dressed in some funny mascot style..

Leng Lui style..



Gong Kia style..


Kakak style..


Then ?

Kinda lazy to continue.. Perhaps tonight .. :)

Keep updated !! :)


Anonymous said...

wow..pity 2 two f1 gals 1 is catherine'sis..she so pretty...another 1..hehe..nt rili like her..her mouth bit weird.shu qi mouth.

Paradize said...

aiyer~~shen yee so cute.../shy
wearing apron sommore...aiyer~~~
i wish i had a camera!!!

Anonymous said...

woi babi..
shen yee like very chun nia..
form1 gal dis year like a bit attractive lo..haha

Anonymous said...

forget 2 say i'm mingshi..long time din post comment in ur blog how's ur adsense???


Gila Babi said...

@ Mean Wei :

Walao eh.. Shu Qi's mouth not nice ar ?
Her mouth is voted sexiest asian mouth in the world you know ?

@ Paradize :

Hamp Sap lou ..
Teruk la you .. Luckily you dun have a camera phone ..
A bo .. I can always find you waiting in a girl's toilet lo..

@ Ming Shi :

Walao Eh !! You call me Babi ?!
Haha .. Biasalah ..
You dun be so ham sap la..
And i take those pics also only for you to enjoy ma.. Ham Sap lou !!

Paradize said...

If shen yee's mouth turns out to be like Angelina Jolie, WHOA!!sexy~

Anonymous said...

Hmm .. That girl call Shen Yee is Pretty and cute . Is attractive enough . Don`t you guy think so ?

yin_zyiN said...

hehe... yeah... shen yee's so cute la wei.. hehee

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

yea... this year's form one have quite a few cuties

Anonymous said...

ya lo this year our skol got some leng lui. last time no de.
~~ai yer yer~~~

sylvia pretty shen yee not la shen yee a bit only~~~mouth n eyes weird lo~~~
Ai YERRR~~~form 3 got 1 leng lui oso !!!

Anonymous said...

ahem , ahem ... Diff Eyes , Diff Judge , Shen Yee is a Cute and pretty Girl is true . Hmm , it will be great if i can know her in my reality life ...

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

weird, how come that day i went back din see shen yee d? Mee becuz yi shuang din show her to me... haih.. no yuan fen.

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

Chin Onn, u sounded so perverted

Audrey =] said...

In the kadet polis picture,
was s that Hao Liang, Nigel and Afiq at the front row? =O

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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