Sunday, 26 August 2007

26/08/07 - Boring.. and stupid weekend..

No dating..
Hot weather..
Bad mood ..
Stupid people I've encountered..
Procrastination affected my mood..

That's what sums up my stupid weekend ...

Never mind.. School begun .. And life is getting more and more exciting !!

Year end exam is coming in 2 month's time..

I wanna be like Zhi Quan ..

Scoring at least one 100 % again !!

And make all the hamsap boys of 6RS1 feel proud about it .. :)

Er .. Water Fountain ? Wakakaka !!!!!

btw..I'm still not the champ...

In order to be the 9 person out of 35000 ..

I must excel !!!

Argh !! Wanna type some bad words here but Snow White's gonna kill me if I do so...



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shidoshi said...

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