Monday, 27 August 2007

27/08/07 - Muahahha !! New inventory in my wish list !!

Wakaka !!

Finally , after listening to Yap's advice on any good phone in the market ..

I'd laid my aim on the K550i !

Wakaka !!

With it's Cyber-Shot features .. Muahaha !! I believe i can snap pics to make this blog a big "sausage" !!

SE K550i

Wish lists date due :
I'm going to give up owning this phone if I can't keep enough bucks by year end ...


Paradize said...

mayb i shall aim for this phone oso...coz cheap + camera good...
good camera = good pitures
good pictures = good memories
good memories bcoz of can snap leng lui's pics...XD

Gila Babi said...

Aiseh .. I tot you want something that starts with z de ?