Sunday, 6 April 2008

Doing weird stuff lately..

I found myself to be very abnormal recently..

For examples today, I ajak my sister to go to Summer Pearl where we have milk-shakes ( Large size ) for almost one hour..

SWT .. We just bring in a couple of books and study there.. Pretty good change of study environment, i love it !

I ordered a peppermint milk-shake and give sister a try.

Her comment : "Ei .. they make this drink using Colgate ar ?!"

Immediately i go =.="

Fine... enough for today's update .. nothing much in my mind on what to write...

Just wanna make it a point to update this retarded little red blog everyday.

Cheers , dudu !! Alsta la Vista , babe !!

Time to squeeze some physics formula into my little yellow brain.
( a normal man's brain thinks about sex every five minutes he is awake ) - cited from GreenLatte

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