Saturday, 12 April 2008

I hate....

I hate people who procrastinate...

I hate people who are irresponsible...

I hate people who thinks they are better than me and keep on firing me ...

I hate people who don't measure their ability before they speak ...

I hate people who pushes their work to me ..

I hate so much people ... and i understand many more people may hate me ..

But whatever hell is it .. I'm still glad that I have Snow White by my side ..

Also .. I already hated these people .. But i shouldn't be angry on them since doing so will waste my energy ..

I'd rather keep all those priceless energy to gain strength and humiliate these people ..

This is my ultimate aim ..

If i can attain this , then i'll be invulnerable ... !!

No one can make me angry ... No one can make me sad .. No one can bring my mental strength down !


I have the heart of a diamond... Inert to any chemical reaction, hardiest substance in the world, and admired by every single man on Earth ..

A heart made of diamond ... Is my ultimate aim in life ..

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