Saturday, 19 April 2008

Something my sister recalled and told me ...

To my dear friend Samuel :

Today i showed my sister your beautiful self portrait that makes you a star ..

She recalled something and tell me something teacher Maria, my English tuition teacher said to her..

She asked my sister to pass something to you .. But she don't know your name .. So here's her description of you :

.... you know that boy ar... very fair .. your brother's friend .. quite tall and wears specs ..

my sister recalled your image but don't know your name .. so she asked teacher : "square head ?"

Teacher Maria responded quickly by nodding her head and said " Ya ! Ya ! Ya !! "

LOL ~~ Hope you don't mind i telling this to you ... :P


S@m said...

what's the point of this post actually?And why is it about me again?=.= u're changing ur sex orientation is it?sry to say but no thx tho =.=

S@m said...

one thing i think I must tell u... ur blog's quality ar,really deteriorate dy.. =.= last time I used to enjoy reading ur blog,like many months ago(almost 1 year ago I think?)but now..haiz..(not bcoz of the recent post, but ur update all either very offending, short to the point of pointless, or full of foul words...=.= dun blame it on exam or line problem =.= coz i dun think they are main issue,it's the way u write, must introspect urself dy)

Paradize said...

how maria has smth to do with sam n vise versa? did ur sis show her sam's self potrait?

Gila Babi said...

lol... Samuel .. actually i'm just feeling syok syok and wanna play with you only since my blog nowadays only our friends reads ..

Outsiders have already been blocked mostly so dun worry about privacy XD

The actual reason i din update is i already received some 400 dollar from adsense and lazy to update them anymore .. haha