Monday, 26 January 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi !! Happy Happy !!

Alo everyone !!

Da pig is here !!!!! Wishing everyone a Happy "Mu ~ Mu ~" Year !!

Ahaha !! ... first time in my life ... i'm spending my Chinese New Year alone .. :P

People may say me crazy for making this decision ... but to me .. the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is very very true !

My family .. My other half... my friends are what i wish to see now ... definitely i'll treasure them more than ever now as i've felt the sadness for being not around them during this important times :)

Fuh ... i guess the word "teenager" can hardly apply to me already .. rather it should be "adult" ... Ha Ha ~~~

I hope this year will be a marvellous year for everyone ! Hoping the result won't be as bad as a shit ... (woops new year cant say those words !!) wakakaka...

And i also wanna tell my Snow White and my family how much i wish to be at your side now ... wearing new year clothes and chatting with you all ... :)

I Love You all !!!

1 comment:

Snow White said...

So sad u still have to work until so late today...:(
Happy CNY anyway~~
I hope that I can be here for CNY next year..Hehe~~
My grandma and her friends so eager to see u..Muahahaha!!
Love u n miss u..:P