Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year !!

Damn stupid New Year eve.... when other food stalls in basement 1 of Bugis Junction are closed 1 hour earlier ~ we are the only stalls left open till 10 pm .... sob sob ~

Everyone went for New Year countdown at Marina bay ~ we ? We sweep floor at Bugis Junction ~

Shit shit shit ~ Even the china boys from opposite stalls laugh at me ... wishing me happy new year as i sweep the floor ~~ Sob Sob Sob ~~~

What ever the heck it is ~ I'm determined to get out of probation period within 3 months ( normal staff is 6 months ) ...

And I'm determined to learn how to make cappuccino using espresso machine this week !! ( though the machine's steam burnt my hand yesterday )

there's something called determination which i believe Singapore will be a great place for me to learn ~

And one more kind of spirit called the "kia-su" spirit ... which i think i have already pick up :P

Ya... i make sure every slice of cake i slice is much perfect than those sliced by other trainees...

I make sure everything i do is perfect ... BECAUSE I KIA-SU !!

LOL ~~ Doesnt sound like the old Gila Babi you all known ?

LOL ~ people changed... and for most of the time ... we change for the good of ourself :)

Anyway ... I'm writing today because i wanna wish my Princess "Happy New Year , Darling :) "

I pray to God that our 3rd year will be a blissful one :) ... and I love You :)

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