Sunday, 4 January 2009

Pay day is tommorow !!!!!!!!!!!

Yippeee !! Tommorrow i'll be getting my long awaited pay + incentives !!

So damn syok :P

So so so so so damn syok syok syok !!

Roughly i needed at least 10 dollars to survive here everyday ... ZZzzz....

That's 33% of my damn pay !!

Money money money come !!!!

Anyway .. life at Bugis Junction is like tsunami ... the people like tsunami ... business also like tsunami...

The time between 2pm to 5pm is the "peak hours" a.k.a. "pig hours" ...

Cos everyone will be damn busy .... the dishes all stacked up like KOMTAR ... the espresso machine keep on running ... and kuih are selling like hot cakes !!

No time to pause and take a long deep breath .... if you have got 10 seconds to stop for a while... its like a god-send ... a gift from God...

Ok la... this post is more like a complaining post than like a joyful post ...

everyday ... need to spend 1 hour on MRT :(

everyday ... need to work ... :(

everyday ... not that much time to sayang and chat to my Snow White.. :(

everyday ... I'm missing my Snow White more and more ~ :(

everyday ... I missed a good cup of coffee.... :(

everyday ... I miss Hokkien mee !!!!!!

everyday ... I miss Laksa !!

P/S : Singapore laksa is actually curry me... to me ... SG laksa is like a lady with A-cup while Malaysia curry mee is like a hot lady with nice body curves .. a pleasant smiling face with C-cup !!

Singapore laksa .. i puih !! Malaysia boleh !!!


zq said...

singapore hokkien mee is fried mee =.=

artcreator said...


KL hokkien mee also fried mee...

As I know,
Spore likes to copy,
and they copy every foods from Malaysia.

maybe their copy skill isn't that good, thus they can't really copy the taste from Msia! XD

I hate Spore anyway...... ==

Gila Babi said...

@artcreator :

The only thing i like from Singapore is their public transport and their SG dollars :P