Saturday, 31 January 2009


Breakthrough in pasta cooking !

Yes this is a boastful post ... ya... i've found that mixing streaky bacon and chicken thigh makes a marvelous tomato sauce for pasta ..

Notably the spiral pasta ..

LOL .. what i lack is rosemary ! DAMN IT ! Can't afford rosemary ... lol

Rosemary goes best with pork and chicken together with Balsamic Vinegar (again some damn expensive ingredient) ...

One day i must be really very very rich to satisfy my quest as an amateur cook .. lol ... self-trained one.

I had a brilliant (and stupid as well) idea ... lol ... since we live in a tropical country ... meaning we cant grow our own fresh herbs ...

I was thinkin why not i buy a small fridge and add some light bulbs in it to make it a mini temperate greenhouse .. lol ... there i'll grow my basils for my pesto and my rosemary for my pork and some thymes for my fish !

LOL ~ Brilliant yet idiot ... forget about it.

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