Monday, 9 February 2009

Can't sleep ... time to crapz.... LOL

just some bullshits about my job... haha

Nowadays the S-hole "pengurus" seems to like me doing afternoon and night shift .. always from 2-10pm .. wth ~

Ok... from my house to that Bugis Junction i needed 1 hours of travelling... 15 minutes of waiting, 15 minutes of bus .. and 30 minutes of MRT travelling ( MRT = LRT in Malaysia )

So .... one day i spend 2 hours travelling .. WTH ~ but then good too as my leg muscles are now toned up like batu already .. lol

Reach work .. 2 pm .. lunch-time .. to me ... war-time...

Everyone will come for the 2.90 dollars Nasi Lemak .. duh ... cheapest main course in Bugis Junction.

Then ... serve and prepare food and drinks untill usually 3.30 pm .. when the crowd finally cools down... lol

Then it's time to wash up all the dishes ... ZZz.... boring job.

Then cut and slice and pack the lapis cake ....

Then ... clean the floors if necessary ..


I don't know why but Indonesian Chinese seems to eat like dogs ! WTH .. no need anymore description huh ? damn dirty .. and they are damn bossy too ..

Ya they are rich ... rich like some gold-mine owner.. but there's no such damn need to be sooooo bossy ok ? Back in Jakarta 10 years ago.. during the riots days....they were all gang-raped by native Indons also la... ( the worst case i heard is 10 men vs 1 girl ... the girl developed trauma when something touches her vagina )

ok...put the racists part aside ... then i'll top up all the kuih kuih ... and chit chat a bit.. lol

at 5.30 pm .. i'll cross Victoria Street to buy my economy rice .. usually is 2 vege + 1 meat + extra rice = $ 3.50

If i'm feeling stingy i'll go for 1 vege + 1 meat + extra rice = $ 2.70

then... dinner time.... better finish the meal before 6 pm as shit loads of crowds will be pouring in !

6.00 pm... dinner crowd ... war-time !

If i'm lucky .. the nasi lemak shud be sold out by then.. so when those shit-ass comes i'll just say "Sorry they are sold out :) "

Singaporeans are some bloody shit cerewet kind of people .. some will say :"Why you all so stupid can't sell more ar ?!"

Some will say :" Let me call your boss." ( I reply them in my heart :"lick my dick you asshole Singaporean" ) lol

Some even said :"I'm going to lodge a report to the consumer group" ...

Whatever it is .. they think they are the king where else all those above are just barking dogs...

REMEMBER : Barking dogs never bite .. they just pee by your stall and walk away ..

8.30 pm ... clean the coffee machine ...

8.50 pm ... clean the kitchen and the fridge....

9.15 pm ... do stock count ( something normal staff don't do ... to me .. a sign of promotion coming in ) lol

9.30 pm ... mopping and all the housekeeping jobs....

9.45 pm .. store closing ... account closing ( another sign of will-be-coming-promotion )

10.00 pm ... paper work ... ( i'm the only normal staff authorised to do paper work .. lol...)

10.30 pm .. fax the closing reports and account to boss .. job finish .. punch card.. go home !!

11.45pm ... i reach home , dude ..


*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

dude at least u got a job....
oh by the way how did you get your work permit?

Gila Babi said...

@ JJ :

First.. get yourself a job first.

2nd .. get yourself a temporary WP (your boss will apply for you)

3rd.. temp WP approved d then go to do medical check-up. (dude did you bring along your original SPM cert ? you need it)

4th ... take your medical report to be submitted at MOM's office at Tanjong Pagar (ask me for help when you need to go there ... i'll take you there)

5th .. wait for instruction from MOM :)

It's a painstaking process but at least you get to earn Singapore dollars legally...

Good luck , JJ :)

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

lol i got a different procedures.