Friday, 6 February 2009

Singapore has lot's of Gay ..... scary , man ~

ya .... actually the main post today hasn't been written... this is just a stupid post about gays in Singapore...

Ya... there are a lot lot lots of gay in Singapore .. very very very disgusting and disturbing .. Zzzz..

Why i hate gays so much ?

have you ever seen 2 men at the height of about 178cm ... muscular with a sexy tan ... holding hands in a MRT train ?!

Can you imagine that ?

Occasionally one will rub another's face ... holy moly ... !

Ya i am conservative and against homosexuals.... i admit that... ZZzz...

What makes me confused is Singapore has soooo many hot gals.... why must they choose hot dogs over abalones ?!

Some wise ones please enlightened me .... LOL !


Miss Nobody said...

1 more thing is..
nowadayas men like to dress more like girls..

and girls like to dress like men


Snow White said...

LOL...what kind of world r we living in>??

Feifan Oh said...

Haha. Try here. I once went to concert and two guys (an old one and a young one) just made out in front of me.
The world is fucked up.

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

its a common scene here in singapore dude... i'll pretend that its a movie. heh. if they wanna show, i watch. simple as that. i got nth to lose.

Gila Babi said...

@ JJ :

Problem is i lost my appetite .. LOL !