Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Something very good for those who wanna enter NTU and NUS ....

Just click the link below...

For NUS - click here

For NTU - click here


zq said...

a good forum for people aiming for ntu.
in fact it is a forum for malaysian student in ntu

zq said...

after going to the website,
frankly, i don't think it is hard to be qualified to study in singapore if you are aiming for ordinary course.
the hardest part is to get the scholarship.

just for sharing since i have mentioned it
generally there are 3 main scholarship for those who want to study science in ntu
ASEAN, Nanyang and CN yang.

ASEAN is provided for those in NUS and NTU. It is based more on leadership characteristics. It offer for every course and it is a full scholarship.Obviously it is aiming for ASEAN student excluded sg citizen.

Nanyang is obviously for student in NTU. And also it is a full scholarship.

CN yang scholar programme is actually a programme specially for those who want to study science and do research.CN yang stands for Yang Chen Ning.50 person included sg citizen is selected in NTU to take part in this programme. 1st year they actually study physics, bio, chem n math, and they are doing some module. The work loading is damn a lot, but if you interested you can go for it.

Those scholarship only can be applied after you have entered university.So far i just know about NTU as i am aiming for it. lol

Coffee Boy said...

there is always a reason to read your blog. LOL.

Kah yao in working. XDXD

Gila Babi said...

Dude you miss the most prestigious scholarship in Singapore .. haha

It's called A*STAR scholarship ...

let me tell you what you get :
1.full fees
2.monthly living allowance of 1.3k dollars
3.Singaporean citizenship

You dare to deny such an amazing scholarship ?!

unless you wanna post naked and circulate your pictures around then cry in front of tv... hahahaha

zq said...

i do not know whether they accept stpm or not as you see there is no stpm listed there, but i will try to apply.jj can apply lol

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

CN yang is not a scholarship. its js a scholar programme.

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

NUS is called the university scholars programme.