Friday, 6 February 2009

Valentine's coming... : )

ha ha ha ... the most headache part of the year is finally here ...

as many people know... Valentine's Day is a very very challenging day for me... very very lol

Ya.. in 2008 ... i did forked out lot's of money for this day only ..

I've never spend so much money on one single day !

But then i should be happy that i did forked out that much of money...

Who knows when i can ever sit on the romantic table and have a good meal with her on Valentine's again ??

WHO ? who can tell me that.... who ?!!?!?!?!!!!

If i can post a bouquet of flowers into Australia ... i would definitely do it.... ( but Australian Gov dun allow that )

If i can post a box of Choc into Aussie.... it's also enough for me already .... ( but Aussie dudes don't allow too )

If i can post a Bear into Aussie ... it's also a great deal too !!! ( again.... it took 3 months for a package to arrive .... SHIT )

Now what i really hope for is My Sweetheart won't be angry at me cos i can't spend this Valentine's with her... which is her birthday too.... :(

Darling ... I love you very very much ... Please don't be mad at me ok ma ?

Love you :-*

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