Friday, 6 June 2008

Oil is gonna quit soon... who's next ?

Seriously thinking .. Malaysia is actually a very very well blessed country. With her beautiful Government pouring cash into the commodity market, we are indeed enjoying the second lowest rate of oil pricing in SEA ( South East Asia ) .

I understand many will say "Kan Nia Boh la GilaBabi !" .. But i will not fight with you, I'm just expressing my concern. From my opinion , the cash flowed into oil subsidies can be better utilized IF it's poured into research on renewable energies !!


Malaysia is situated on the equator , enjoys full bath of rain all year round , with good amounts of wind on Sabah coast and the East Coast of the Peninsula. We are actually a potential MEGA ENERGY PRODUCER !

Look at those dirty oil... they cost blood and cash - JUST TAKE A LOOK AT IRAQ !

AND look at Germany and Japan .. Nice amount of solar energy though they are situated at a temperate location !

And look at Spain ! Their iron and metals are melted using solar energy !
Solar Field2

Why can't we think twice before shooting at the Government ??

Must we simmer ourselves in OIL ?!

So... My advice is :



Anonymous said...

Indeed, if those money is used in researching for renewable energies, it would be much better!BUT, do you really think that those money would be put for that or other better use? I am not being pessimistic or anti-gov,...but with the corruption level of our country, those money will most probably just go into the pockets of the ppl of upper lvl bit by the end,only a small percentage of it will actually be used in researching..and if those alternative resources could be utilized that easily, why the government is still doing nth?why until now, there isnt a single large solar generator in our country?why no effort is being done to exploit the alternative energy sources?so it's the ppl's fault after all,not the government's,right?

one more thing,the government promised that the oil's price wont be increased that soon, at least not before august..then suddenly 2 months before the promised month, government announced that the fuel price will be increased,not 10 sen, not 20sen, but 78sen!that's a 40% increase in price!how can that happen?how can a government break its promise?this is not the first time..I still rmb last time when the gov allowed handphone to be brought to school,and then suddenly, it was banned again..and recently, the gov just banned foreigner from refueling in msia..and AGAIN, the gov took back its word and lifted the ban..what kind of government is that?This country is not a sand castle, you cant just build and destroy if the castle doesnt suit ur taste..I hope the gov will atleast use their brain before implementing something important,think of the consequences before they do anything..otherwise, how can the ppl put their trust in government anymore?seriously, the future of Malaysia looks really bleak..

and ur advice of thinking twice, that should be given to those governors,teach them how to think twice before doing anything to the country..dont do something without consideration and regret it later.. btw, how to earn more cash?it's easy for u to say...shut up when the country is walking down the path of doom?great advice..I am grateful for being born in this beautiful Malaysia, but can you keep quiet when your beloved country is being ruined,not from outside, but from the inside?is it really fine to be blinded with the beautiful lies that everything is fine by the gov-supporting newspapers?

Gila Babi said...

Wow... before i proceed, i wanna award you the longest comment ever award 1st :)

But then again .. who put the government on their seats now ?

It is us who decides who should be up there. And we should bear the responsibility on putting the wrong person on the chair ! Understand ?

You anonymous don't understand the simple rule of democracy !!

Anonymous said...

with our bloody government , the extra money hard to say going where.....i support remove of subsidies to further invest in education,human capital,r&d n infrastructure.but sudden 40% of increment, is too sudden n unwise political move....yet i am wrong or maybe u r rite.Anyway ppl should change their lifestyle...