Monday, 23 June 2008

Lame Lame Lame.... damn trigo !

Grl... i wish to cut out CZQ's brain by 30% and fix it into mine then replaced his share with my 30%.

Hopefully that way my maths can improve and I can "yellowfied" his brain more ~

Trigonometri is really blasting my mind into chunks of proteins ~

And finally i know what killed me in my biology paper 2. "Mass Flow Hypothesis" ---- i need to work hard on my essays.

And i've become semi-night stalker. Sleeping at 2 every night ... gggrrr.....

140 days more to D-day = STPMers ! Can we blast through the iron gate of U.M. that's heavily guarded by a legion of Matrics students ??

Yes i believe we can... Believing is always the seed to success..

All we need is 300% of our efforts now and 300% more of our determination and only 10% of our current entertainment !

By the time we reach that rank... if i can reach that rank... my only wish is to enter U.M. and teach those Matrics students never underestimate STPMers cause we shall be their greatest nightmare !!

STPMers !! For this 140 days , WE DINE IN HELL !!!!!

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