Sunday, 15 June 2008

Again ... Obsessed with cash.

I've been doing my own budgeting accounts lately just to find that I'm very very low on cash.

With plans of flying over to Sydney to meet my sweet heart next year I'm even thinking of finding a part-time job in Singapore.

Ya i know it's hard but to me it's no worry since I got a big family in Singapore, help will always be there for me.

Thinking about it, it's amazing to see my family's size and distribution. Almost every major city in Malaysia I can get some help !

And also in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, USA woohooohoo !!

Man i love my family and family friends !!

But before that .. better crunch those numbers and plan a money saving project now.

Phew ~


Xon said...

see lah...ask you save money you dont wan... XPXP

start financial planning now dude.... =)

Gila Babi said...

Ahaha... Yaya .. shud have listen to you :P