Saturday, 14 June 2008

Sob Sob...

Buah... I wanna cry liao ~~~ wtf

My hand phone cannot detect sim card la wtf ?!

Mama !!!


Sob sob... and my dear Snow White is leaving for Australia next week.. and my coffer is bled dry ..

Sob sob... why must human be so dependent on cash ??

Why can't human be more flexible in terms of finance and economy ??

Sob Sob Sob... And today is Father's Day and i got nothing to give my PaPa .. Sob Sob Sob...


Xon said...

snow white go further study there? so fast???!!!!

phingy said...

you can give ya dad a big hug ;)

Gila Babi said...

@Xon :

Ya .. A baking academy in Sydney. Very famous one :)

@Phingy :

No i gave him a big big kiss :P