Saturday, 28 June 2008

I wanna beyond God-like... !!!

Gr... STPM .. if I don't die.. You die !!

If you don't die , I die !!

But since I have yet married, 50% of joy in life i have yet tasted.

So .. I've decided : You MUST die , I MUST live !

With trial exam more or less 70 days to come.. And STPM 138 days to come.. My only wish is to pierce my spear of wisdom through your chest.. ending your haunt on me these 2 years.

Mid-year exam you missed my spear.. with only 3 A- , 1 B and 1 C .. you escaped from my hand of death.

But on September... I'll turn the table around , you idiot ! I'll kill you !! FUCKER STPM !!

1 comment:

Paradize said...

good luck to u mate
all the best for the rest too...
n to me too...><