Friday, 14 September 2007

14/09/2007 - Tiramisu ...

I want to eat tiramisu lar...


Sob Sob ~

Wanna do a quick update today .. Cause later on a technician will come over to my house and do some check up on my house's electric circuit ~

OK .. Now .. Since I'm craving for tiramisu ..
I'm gonna write about the history of tiramisu here !!

Individual Tiramisu

WAkakaka ~~

On the17th century - A dessert similar to tiramisu was was created in Siena, in the northwestern Italian province of Tuscany. The occasion was a visit by Grand Duke Cosimo de' Medici III (1642-1723), in whose honor the concoction was dubbed zuppa del duca (the "duke's soup"). He brought the recipe back with him to Florence. In the 19th century, tiramisu became extremely popular among the English intellectuals and artists who lived in Florence. The dessert made its way to England, where its popularity grew.

Zuppa del Duca .. What the hell ! Duca del Gila Babi la !!!

Then ~

1970s - The present day version of tiramisu was said to have been created in a restaurant in Treviso, located northwest of Venice on Italy's northern Adriatic coast, called Le Beccherie. Today, Today the town of Treviso is best know for its canals, frescoes, and tiramisu.

Huh ?! Then where the fark is it about the Italian women who made the cake for their LaoKung who's going to war ?!

Taiwanese .. Only knows how to make their own stupid imaginative romantic stories !

Now.. How come Tiramisu is so popular worldwide ...


In the1990s - In America, its popularity began in San Francisco, and today, Tiramisu can be found in restaurants throughout the United States.

Ok, got it ? It's all cause of the Yankees.. They made it so damn popular ! And thanks !! WAkakaka !!


Anyway .. I love Mascarpone cheese.. I love coffee .. I love creams.. So, I love tiramisu !!!

Pick-Me-Up !!!

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