Sunday, 2 September 2007

Welcoming Ah Beng and Ah Hui into my little dotcom..

Ah Beng and Ah Hui has been together for one year and they had decided to move over to Taman GreenLatte to stay before they get married together ...

Ah Hui : Honey ar !! Would you please sweep the floor ? I'm busy here lar !
Ah Beng : Walao .. So early wanna hut me liao ... APA ?! Sweep yourself la !!
Ah Hui : Honey oi !! Really boh eng la !!
Ah Beng : Mah hai li... Diu ! I wanna watch PlayBoy la !! You wait a while la !!
Ah Hui : *ANGRY* Farking lanciao !! There's PlayBoy magazine in this house ?!

Ah Hui quickly grap a parang toh.. And runs towards Ah Beng ..


Ah Hui : I'm going to chop off you kkc now !! Argh !!

Ah Beng : *starts to wear back his pants and run* NoooOOOO !!! Dun chop off my kukuciao !!! Arr !!!

Bzzngg .. Bzznngg ... That's another fine morning in Taman GreenLatte .. Home of Ah Beng and Ah Hui ...

Gila Babi hereby .. wish all non-bachelors and all non-bujangs happy living without PlayBoy ..



Anonymous said...

wtf r u writing about....

Anonymous said...

crap la.she again.

Anonymous said...

we live happily ever after with Plus28...hhohohohohohohohohohohoho