Friday, 7 September 2007

Japan's little prince..

Japan's Prince Hisashito has just turned 1 year old !!


Time passed by so damn fast !
I still remember the joy of the Japanese people last year when the little prince is born..
Even my mom's boss as well as her other Japanese superiors put up a gathering in Park Avenue's Hatsuhana Restaurant and sing their National Anthem to celebrate his birth !!

His father is also one kind of big sausage !
Try to notice his hair style..


Prince Akishino
Considered a "catfish specialist" ..
He has done plenty of research on catfish as well as doing ventures in catfish cultivation ..

Alright .. That's enough Japanese ..
Now we travel to the West and see how those AngMo royals are doing..
Let's pick the infamous Prince Harry !!


I won't do much writing here..
I'll let the photos do the talking now..



Faham tak faham ?

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