Friday, 21 September 2007

My First 18th Birthday Present

Snow White , I love you ! Aku cinta padamu !! Aishiteru !! WoAiNi !!

Snow White came back to SP and asked me out for breakfast today at LauYou kopitiam.

I saw her lovely white face and silky long hair.. And so I walked towards her .. :)

She was so excited to see me today , which spiced up my mood, of course..

And she says " come come come !! " ..

And so i go, and from the floor .. She hugs up a packet of items :


I looked and was already very surprised to see her giving me a gift !!

Then my eye sensed something familiar.. And they zoomed towards the packet :



Arr !!! At first , I was sop happy.. then my face turned so red !! Probably because I'm so damn touched that my girlfriend gave me something like that !!

I wanted to hug her at first .. However .. many of our friends are there and it was a huge public place and she won't like it either... So i kept it to myself and hug her inside my baby heart..

Adui... So manja .. !!!

ok... So we ate .. Chit chat.. and went home.. She was busy though .. so we didn't stay there dating for a long time.

I reached home and by night , i checked out her gift..

Inside there.. There was a coffee press :


then a packet of Antigua coffee beans !!


Yahoo !!

I love you , Snow White !! MUAKS MUAKS !!

So i have these now !! :


The coffees were packed like this :


Look :


Beautiful colours... texture is nice.. Aroma is marvellous !!

I started to prepare my first bean brewed coffee !!!


And here they are :


100000000000000000000000 times better than Nescafe Classic !!

Thanks a lot .. Snow White..

I love you very very very much .. :)


Paradize said...

SO envious of such a beauty who gives you your favorite present
Aiyer...let ppl envy nia...
even the readers can also get ur feeling of joy n touched-ness
enjoy ur coffee lo...sure sweet one

Gila Babi said...

@paradize :

Thanks for your blessings .. Don't worry lar.. Soon you'll get your beauty of your own..

Just keep on hunting and work hard ok liao .. :)

Anonymous said...

happy like a dog nia..
haha..paiseh forget 2 wish u..
happy belated b'day loo..
recently busy wif coming soon...
haiz..paradize wants tat form1 big mouth gal rite..haha...

Gila Babi said...


Dey, budak.. My birtday not yet come la..

I received the present in advance ma.. XD

Anyway , good luck in your exam. !!

artcreator said...

Can feel you happiness...
Must keep the bean until I go back to SP and you make one for me too! Hehe!

hawjiun said...

happy birthday dude...

hope you excel in your following exam...!! gambate!~~!

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

Aihs i tot you bday is at the end of september....27th?
Haha... btw my promos is at 28th pray for me!!!
I want my coffee when i go back harr....

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