Saturday, 15 September 2007

Anti-Rape Condom

I was reading Timothy Tiah's blog and stumbled upon this weird and bizzare creation : An anti-Rape Condom

Look at it ..



Scary isn't it ?

The company who developed it, RAPEX, said that it is to be placed inside a woman's vagina. When an attacker strike, it will bind to the rapist's cock !!

What the... And it is only removable be surgery !! Wow... That is one niece piece of hell !!

Having something like a monster's mouth stuck down there... Ouch !!

I'm curious .. So i checked on Wikipedia ..

It seems that this "weapon" is developed from a myth called "Vagina Dentata" , which means toothed vagina .. OMG ~

In North America, the Red Indians are very popular with the tale of Vagina Dentata , where a beautiful witch would attract men, have sex, and eat them using her v***** !!

Holy shit !!

Then in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War , woman who are working with the communists are implanted with glasses in their vagina. Justs to injure American soldiers !!

OMG.. Malaysian girls.. Don't be so cruel la..

Just buy yourself a parang ..


Or a handy Victorinox knife...



And go learn WuShu , karate, or whatever kitchen-chopping-self-defense from your mom..

Soon, you'll be able to do a nice clean cut on that part of man.. haha !!

And that saves doctor lot's of time to remove those anti-rape condom too !!

And men , even boys will be so desperate untill they ....


.... Barbi doll sale is going to shoot !!

Haha !!

*This Rape-Condom has one weakness compared to my anti-rape strategy... It doesn't work on virgin. Once a virgin wears it, their hymen will break, and Malaysia don't have Virgin anymore !!!!!!!!*

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Mercy said...

your still a vergin in your haymen breaks. :) its only if you have sex (rape included) that you loose your verginity. but i know what you meen. cant wear it with an intact heymen.