Thursday, 13 September 2007

Of Neslo.. Nasi Lemak.. Computer and Blogger..

I had to admit when I'm blogging now, I'm totally freaked out in the globalised world.

I had Malaysian nasi lemak ..
Malaysian Neslo ( Milo + Nescafe ) ...
American computer ( well , Americans invented them right ? ) ..
Blogger ( a blogging service providing company in America ) ..
Hm.. Ya , Japanese pop songs.. ( although i don't know what the hell are they singing ~ )

I'm a sophisticates .. I have to admit that..

That's why , the song i listen too , must be a bit of hybrid ~ I love to interpret the mood of the song.. Sometimes, I'll take a happy themed song and interpret them as "lonely" ? A sad song I'll interpret them as "cruel" ? Up to me ..

But most of the time.. when you listen to a damn song with a lyric tat you understand , this sort of indie-interpretation style becomes impossible..

Tat's why i liked Japs .. cause i don't understand what are they singing , what does it mean but at the same time , i get high quality music , high quality sound !!

Enough craps... time to continue eating nasi lemak !

Hmm.. wait.. about the epicenter of yesterday's earthquake :

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