Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ever wonder what does a pig eats when he's sick ?

Ok .. Whenever we are sick.. Whenever we wake up as a sick man..

We'll say .. What the **** ...

Then .. We move around like a zombie ~

Dear oh dear ~ What a day wasted !

Alright , here's my mom's formula for me when I'm sick ...

First , wake up early and drink down a cup of greenish stuff like this :


Then, go back to sleep more...

Then, eat some chicken porridge ...


Drink some tea ... ( tea caffeine boosts metabolism and increase the effectiveness of your immune system .. )


Eat a BioACE ... ( it's a vitamin A, C , E supplement .. )


And no coffee..... ( hehe.. first time show off my Nescafe Espresso and BonCafe Brazillian edition .. )


No Tiramisu !!


As for the rest of the day ... water .. water .. water ........


Paradize said...

Must be tough for you to be a sickman for the day, bless you and get well

don't consult too many nurse when you are sick though

Miss Nobody said...

why r u oftenly sick nowadays

Gila Babi said...

@Paradize : thanks a lot for your blessings ... No more nurse.. i had enough d..

@miss nobody : Well... don't ask me anyway ~ :P