Thursday, 27 December 2007

Chicago ! - The Broadway Classic

Last night there was a very good movie being played in TV2 around from 10 - 12 night..

A very good show it is..

Starring some of the hottest babe in Hollywood : Catherine Zeta-Jones , Renee Zellweger, Lucy Liu..

Of course some evergreen handsome man too : Richard Gere ..

This movie is a classic from Broadway , it's a musical movie tough . .. you get's a nice story depicted through lot's of dancing and singing...

It's about Roxie Hart, a blonde who had sex with another man ( though being married ) and killed that man as he lied to her ...

And so... the stories about Roxie's attempt to being strip off her "murderer" status begin...

A murderer become an innocent woman ? Yes, she did it... with the best lawyer for woman in Chicago , Billy Flynn , played by Richard Gere...

Of course when in the jail, Roxie faced a rivalry from Velma Kelly "Catherine Zeta-Jones" .. Another murderer who wants to be "innocent" ... and also a client of Flynn..

In the end.. Flynn helped both of them to be "innocent" and they both started their quest to be the best singer in Chicago...

Well... at first they didn't succeed... often got kicked out of the interview room..

Then they teamed up together and sealed the title as the Hot Honey of Chicago ..

Here's their movie ending performance , "The Hot Honey Rag" :

Well... If you love women kicking legs.. women wearing little clothes dancing on stage ( no sex scene though ) ... And if you love jazz.. This is the show for you, dude ..

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